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Botanical Hair & Skin Tea

Botanical infusions are best known for their ability to restore hair health and beauty. It’s also known to help combat multiple hair issues.   Earth’s Nectar Botanical Hair & Skin Tea naturally softens hair, increases manageability, and restores shine while improving the overall condition of the hair and scalp.  


What it is:

Botanical infusions are best known for their natural ability to restore hair health, naturally soften, increase manageability, and restore shine. 


Who it’s for:

All skin and hair types


What it is formulated to do:

This beautifully fragrant tea is formulated with a special blend of herbs that prevent dandruff, promote hair growth, as well as soothe an itchy scalp. It is an organic way to rinse your hair of extra oils, product build up and impurities while conditioning. 


Suggested Usage:

Basic Recipe 

  ◦ Add 2 tbs of dried herbs in a reusable muslin tea bag 

   8 oz (1 cup) filtered water 



  1. Infuse 2 tbsp. of dried herbs with 8 oz. (or 1 cup) of filtered water.
  2. Place tea leaves in hot water for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Allow to cool until infusion is slightly warm, but not cool. 
  4. Strain any leaves from the tea before applying to hair.
  5. Brew a larger batch for facial steam or bath.



What else you need to know:
- No artificial colors, fragrance, mineral oil, or petroleum

- No parabens, no sulfates, and no phthalates

- Safe for color treated hair

- Made in the America

- 2 oz.


Active Ingredients:

  • Egyptian Rose Buds and Petals - helps reduce inflammation and excess oil
  • Egyptian calendula petals - soothes Irritation
  • Chinese jasmine - improves scalp hydration and helps to reduce shedding
  • Egyptian Peppermint - combats dandruff  
  • Egyptian Chamomile Flowers - dull hair
  • French Lavender Flowers - softens hair
  • Moroccan Rosemary - promotes growth